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Innovative solutions for companies

We truly wish to provide your company with added value. We do this first, with an in-depth study of your needs, with the knowledge years of experience have given us. With this approach we design and implement made to measure solutions. We take all of the key data into account in order to provide you with an efficient solution: your company’s sector, your strategic needs, competitors, socio-economic environment, etc.

We can help both through software Development as well as by offering computer consulting solutions for Wearable Computing and next generation devices. At the same, we are also experts as an “incubator” for technology businesses, where we can provide you with a solid platform to make the launching of your Startup business an unprecedented success.


Wearable Technology

Pioneros en la implantación de Wearable Technology en empresas.

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Software for companies

We are experts in corporate software production aimed at Wearable Technology and other next generation devices.

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We advise you on the computer systems and tools that will best suit your organization and its upcoming technological challenges.

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Startup applications

We are living a new era in the development of information technologies. A whole world of possibilities opens before us where those who are more agile will position themselves first and will be market leaders in the new markets.




Podemos ayudarle tanto a través del Desarrollo de software como ofreciéndole soluciones de Consultoría informática para Wearable Computing y dispositivos de vanguardia. Asimismo, desde nuestra incubadora de negocios le proporcionamos una plataforma para que el lanzamiento de su Startup alcance un éxito sin precedentes.


The operating room becomes global thanks to Google Glass
Yesterday, Wednesday September 18, a new historic milestone was reached. Surgeon Pedro Guillen operated on a 37 year-old patient with a knee injury at the CEMTRO Clinic. The procedure was aired live through Google Glass to over 256 locations around the world: universities, hospitals and medical associations.
Thousands of people were able to see the operation through the eyes of the surgeon, proving the endless potential of Google Glass and new technologies, which enable the viewing of medical practices to many people at once. Thanks to devices such as Google Glass (wireless, portable and manageable) it is possible to use technology anywhere on earth no matter how remote it may seem.
The question mode was also enabled during the procedure, allowing Dr. Guillen communication with the USA (Stanford University), Switzerland and Japan. Additionally, and if required, the doctor could have received help or suggestions during the procedure from his colleagues abroad.
Therefore one of the applications this technology provides is teaching or the remote guiding of a non-expert through a complex procedure in case of need. All thanks to the advances in this device and the technology that makes it work. However, it would be wise to note that, for the time being, its use is based on human intervention.