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Startup applications

We are living a new era in the development of information technologies. A whole world of possibilities opens before us where those who are more agile will position themselves first and will be market leaders in the new markets.

What we do

It is often the case that we have a good idea but do not have the know-how or the means to carry it out, due to the great complexity of the development and implementing of the technology necessary to make it work.We can help you make your idea come true in these cases because at Zerintia Technologies we are experts in software development for Startups and new ideas. We will help you develop your business models successfully through the implementation of the application, apps and devices that best suit your company or sector.

How we can help

Zerintia will provide you with the resources you need to carry out those valuable ideas you have in mind making use of the advantages afforded by Wearable Technology and other next generation technologies like Google Glass, MYO, Augmented Reality devices, Smartwatches, mobile devices like Smartphones or Tablets as well as other next generation devices such as Spaceglasses, Smart Bands or Rings, etc. Thanks to these resources your dream will become a tangible success.

Why Zerintia?

Because we have doing just what you need for over fifteen years. We are experts in corporate software development, computer consulting for Startups and in Startup software development. We provide you with a solid group of people, highly qualified as well as geared toward excellence. Our professionals will provide you with the experience you are looking for in the development of applications for next generation devices, in addition to the expertise, efficiency and with the speed you need to make your idea come true.


  • We have the capacity to make your idea come true using the most powerful and cutting edge technology.
  • Ample experience in all types of sectors, including: tourism, health, industrial, electric, logistics, food, retail, environment, telecommunications, etc.
  • We apply the latest tendencies in fidelity, attraction, gamification and the development of human potential.


  • Anticipation and differentiation with competitors through the applying of next generation technologies.
  • An increase the strength of your potential by using these devices.
  • An increase in revenue volume through the implementing of new business lines.