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desarrollo software

Software development for companies

Our mission is to develop business solutions to allow our clients to be successful.

What we do

At Zerintia Technologies we have spent over 15 years designing corporate solutions through the implementing of software. We have launched and configured management systems, CRM, ERPs and we are perfectly aware of the logistic and commercial processes required to optimize them in accordance to each client’s goals. New opportunities and technological changes offer advantages to be different in a more aggressive and competitive market.

We are experts in corporate software production aimed at Wearable Technology and other next generation devices such as Smartphones or Tablets, Google Glass, MYO, Augmented Reality devices and Spaceglasses, Smartwatches, Smart Bands or Rings, etc.

How can it help us?

We at Zerintia Technologies want to help you optimize and improve your company’s business processes. We know that the best way to make your company different and improve its competitive level, nothing beats the advantages offered by the software that is aimed at cutting edge technologies. We can see some of their nearly limitless potential looking at some examples: using Augmented Reality in marketing can lead to higher sales or brand loyalty, improvement in maintenance processes or support through technologies such as Google Glass or Spaceglasses; better Control and Security through a better monitoring, the evaluation and control of emergency situations through MYO or Smart Rings or giving us a more dominant position in knowledge management and access to information by using or improving communication among clients or employees.

Why Zerintia?

Our strive for excellence is the driving force behind our dedication to our daily work both in the corporate software development field and in the computer consulting one. In order to do this we have the best people in the sector on our team, highly trained in computers and programming software for next generation devices, as well as the expertise of over a decade and a-half at the forefront in the field of new technologies and next generation devices.


  • The integration of mobile devices with central systems and corporate ERP
  • We provide creative, easy to use, agile and attractive solutions
  • A scalable, robust and secure design.
  • We enhance employees’ capabilities. Supported on more information and a better access to it.
  • Real time information both for the employee and the company.
  • Feedback and access to remote devices in real time.


  • An optimizing of support, control and maintenance processes.
  • A revolution in the logistics and commercialization of goods.
  • More opportunities in marketing, sales and brand loyalty.
  • An improvement in the information and communication processes