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We advise you on the computer systems and tools that will best suit your organization and its upcoming technological challenges

What we do

Zerintia provides you with expert advice to carry out a thorough analysis of your company’s needs. We give effective and efficient solutions to implement the software development your company needs to meet its goals. This process enables you to experience a substantial improvement in your business processes, thereby obtaining a solid competitive edge.

How we can help you

Our added value lies in our in-depth knowledge of the technology, systems and business processes that rule the market. Using these technological advances allows you to become a leading company, gaining one of the main advantages organizations have when improving their effectiveness, their efficiency and level of competitiveness. This leads to a successful market differentiation and consequently, an increase in profits and results. The computer consulting services Zerintia Technologies provides will help you optimize resources, improve processes, save on costs and make a profit on your investments. Some of the devices we use to provide added value to your processes are: Google Glass, MYO, Augmented Reality devices, Smartwatches, mobile devices like Smartphones or Tablets as well as other devices like Spaceglasses, Smart Bands or Rings, etc.

Why Zerintia?

We are a pioneer company in the development of Wearable Technology and next generation technology applications. This is why we can offer the best approach to implementing software solutions to optimize your processes better than anybody else. Our team consists in highly qualified professionals in computer consulting services, next generation technologies and next generation devices.

Additionally, we have agreements and keep a very close working relation with the majority of the cutting edge technology manufacturers on the market, which allows us to provide you with the latest consulting solutions in the sector. Our clients value our dedication, talent, flexibility and our result-oriented approach.


  • We seek a perfect integration between your company’s original systems and the improvements introduced by the new technology.
  • We design a robust and integrated systems architecture.
  • We carry out an in-depth and thorough analysis of your company’s needs.
  • Solutions given by a leading and experienced company.
  • A highly qualified staff at the forefront of next generation technologies, as well as in the design and implementing of consulting solutions.


  • An improvement and an optimizing of processes. We focus on the continual improvement of our applications.
  • Cost-cutting.
  • An increase in investment yields.