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Wearable Technology

The main aim of Wearable Technology is to integrate and adapt the most advanced technology to devices that have the potential to be worn or carried in a very convenient way, for example in watches, glasses, bands , rings…etc.

¿What we do?

In Zerintia Technologies we are working to take maximum advantage of the potential offered us by the devices that make up Wearable Technology. Over a decade developing applications for a wide large number of devices vouches for us, we are pioneers in Google Glass and Wearable Technology (Smartwatches, Health bands, Smart clothes, MYO, Smart rings, etc.). We interlink these devices to make them as efficient as possible. We have agreements with the main providers of this technology (Thalmic Labs, Qualcomm, Layar, Meta, Jawbone, FitBit, Shanda, Samsung or Sony) which makes us the leading company in Spain.

¿Cómo podemos ayudarle?

At Zerintia technologies we are committed to providing a quality service customized to our clients’ needs. We focus on each individual client and study their features with the aim of providing the best Wearable Technology solutions. One of our main goals is to revolutionize the company sector, making your company or business take a giant leap in the efficiency and quickness of the services you provide. We will put you a notch above the others!

Wearable Technology allows for the carrying out of the same tasks but in a simpler and more convenient way, cutting process times, facilitating interdepartmental communication or communication among the members of a specific department. Some of our developments allow for the communication and coordination of events, keeping all of the team members directly connected so that strict timetables and schedules are met and the events are carried out without a flaw.

In the same way we can save you time and money in training, giving your less qualified employees a device that will guide or refresh them through the steps to take in any post, for example in a logistics warehouse or a repair shop.

We want you to obtain the maximum performance out of your company and for this purpose we also have developments that allow you to take your office with you, letting you solve issues that arise or receive programmed alerts when on your way to a meeting or leaving one, of things that could be of your interest, say stock market movements that you may want to keep track of.

¿Why Zerintia?

    • We have a tried and tested experience in developing made-to-measure software for a variety of devices.
    • We bring the newest advances to Spain, providing our clients with the most exclusive solutions.
    • We have the support of the main Wearable technology suppliers in Spain.
    • We provide attractive, agile and simple solutions that are easy to use.


    • The integration of all of the utilities and advantages of your current applications into much more convenient devices.
    • Capacity to communicate in real time between the office – employee.
    • An increase in the work safety and security of employees and specialists.
    • A cutting of company process times
    • A quick and easy way to solve unexpected events.


    • More attractive marketing techniques attract more clients
    • Management of stocks and logistics
    • Solving of unexpected events and technical problems.
    • Coordination between teams and sales personnel.
    • An increase in productivity through more efficient techniques