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desarrollo aplicaciones wearable technologyZerintia Technologies is undergoing an expansion and has a few lines of business with great potential and growth. Experts in business development, we support Startups in their launching and initial stages of new ideas, implementing next generation software for them.

We are offering you the opportunity to be a part of the most avant garde and interesting projects, offering investors and entrepreneurs not only the necessary tools to carry out a successful business, but also with a permanent follow up and development in each project that will allow them to improve their outlook and profitability. Zerintia Technologies is a specialized company, within the software development sector and it is participated by the Business Incubator Grupo Kebala, which has successfully launched a number of business initiatives.

We are open to new investment partnerswho will help to continue giving the company and its projects impulse while receiving a good return for their investment from a solvent and well positioned company as Zerintia and Grupo Kebala.

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Yesterday, Wednesday September 18, a new historic milestone was reached. Surgeon Pedro Guillen operated on a 37 year-old patient with a knee injury at the CEMTRO Clinic. The procedure was aired live through Google Glass to over 256 locations around the world: universities, hospitals and medical associations.
Thousands of people were able to see the operation through the eyes of the surgeon, proving the endless potential of Google Glass and new technologies, which enable the viewing of medical practices to many people at once. Thanks to devices such as Google Glass (wireless, portable and manageable) it is possible to use technology anywhere on earth no matter how remote it may seem.
The question mode was also enabled during the procedure, allowing Dr. Guillen communication with the USA (Stanford University), Switzerland and Japan. Additionally, and if required, the doctor could have received help or suggestions during the procedure from his colleagues abroad.
Therefore one of the applications this technology provides is teaching or the remote guiding of a non-expert through a complex procedure in case of need. All thanks to the advances in this device and the technology that makes it work. However, it would be wise to note that, for the time being, its use is based on human interve