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Technologies that will transform your business

Thanks to the use of cutting edge technology we are able to offer the most versatile and innovative apps on the market. All of our Apps are compatible with Google Glass and Wearable Technology. We provide real solutions for your business and integrate the power and capacity of next generation devices to your corporate solution (ERP/CRM). Learn about our latest technology: WearTech. We have been developing software for nearly two decades, designing technology for first-rate companies and large corporations. 

Google Glass Logística Google Glass Incidencias Wearable Technology Equipos Comerciales
APP Inventarios Google Glass Equipos Comerciales
It improves warehouse storage, inventory and logistics. With one’s hands free with Google Glass (TM), the safety and efficiency of tasks is enhanced.
A module for maintenance and incident management in external locations. With Google Glass (TM) and Smartwatch one’s hands will be free to handle tasks, analyze data and interact with headquarters..
It allows for the follow up of communication and integration tasks of the team and the management of sales actions. It also makes product and service demonstrations easier.
Technology: Technology:
Seguridad Google Glass Turismo Google Glass Medicina Google Glass
wearable security Viajar Google Glass Medicina Wearable
SSecurity for companies and building management. Once alerted from a place connected by the app, a technician can evaluate the situation through Google Glass (TM) and act accordingly. Integrated with cameras, headquarters, alarms and rules of procedure.
A platform with different modules for travel management, in addition to providing a different visit to any city or museum through Google Glass, Space Glasses, Smartphones or Tablets.
A Health platform for Hospitals and Health Centers. It allows access to results and laboratories, x-rays and other medical results. It will help patient prognosis with visual applications or provide access to drug information.
Technology: Technology:
Asistencia Google Glass emergencias google glass
Asistencia Wearable
Management of maintenance and servicing of technical incidents. It is possible to communicate with headquarters while one’s hands are free. Access data on circuit layouts, network or electric connections.
A worldwide rescue platform designed for the Red Cross to provide help in emergencies with the support of Google Glas (TM) and Drones. It has freeware for developers
The best App to help you organize and optimize your events. Receive alerts, see the timing, it lets you know of any changes in the programming…Take advantage of the power in combining Google Glass (TM) and your favourite SmartWatch.
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An App for joggers and other athletes for Google Glass, It offers challenges, suggests routes…Compete against other people or yourself! It includes practical exercise routines and jogging routes.
Know which cocktails will make you the life of the party! Learn how to make in an entertaining and easy way, explained by a professional barman with the help of Google Glass.
Google Glass guided to sites in Madrid visits. With augmented reality technology that enhances the user experience. The expand to offer 3D guided tours by the major cities of Spain and the world.
Step-by-step recipes through Google Glass. A full App to learn how to cook and with recipes for Google Glass! With sections for the different cuisines which are successful all over the world: Spanish, Italian, etc.
The App which will help you pick up your day and go further with the help of Google Glass! Through comments and advice you will keep your spirits up in order to face daily challenges in the best of shape..

The first mystery game for Google Glass. You will have to find clues and solve riddles throughout your city to solve the mysteries in the game. Do you dare?

Meet people akin to your likes and tastes!! This App allows you to know, with Geolocation, if you are near a person interested in meeting people or who may be looking for a serious relationship. It will show you their profile if you are interested..