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What is WearTech?

WearTech is the latest technological development of Zerintia Technologies, specifically designed to optimize business processes through wearable technology or technology that “dresses us up”, that is, devices that in one way or another blend with us and streamline common business tasks.  WearTech is a platform that allows for the simple integration of wearable devices with common enterprise solutions such as CRMs or ERPs (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, IBM, etc.).
Not only is WearTech simple to integrate with existing technologies, but it is also destined to facilitate the adoption of new processes and business models associated with wearable devices.


One of the most significant benefits of wearable technologies is the speed at which they can comfortably be integrated into myriad work environments.  Whether logistics, retail, finance and accounting, medical services, maintenance, or other business areas, WearTech delivers an optimization of common tasks, an increase in security, and an improvement in the productivity and efficiency of business teams.

Depending upon the specific sector, and to a higher or lower degree, profit made in both the short and long terms can be quite significant.  According to a recent study by Gartner, a consulting company, profits could reach  the billion dollar figure a year for the next three to five years.

Where can it be applied?

The industries that will benefit most from these technologies will be: manufacturing, retail, logistics, small consumer, health transport and construction. It will be particularly useful to those employees that require the use of both hands to carry out complicated tasks, such as the equipment assembly, replacement of parts or the carrying out of surgical procedures. Some examples:

  • Insurance: We will have our hands free while studying client data, take photos and interact with headquarters to learn more about a policy’s coverage.
  • Health: It allows for the access to test and laboratory results, x-rays and other medical tests of a patient while carrying out a prognosis.
  • Retail: We can obtain data instantly from the bar code while both of our hands are free to handle products and focus on the client.
  • Maintenance: While our hands are free, we can communicate with our headquarters, access information such as circuit layouts, network or electrical connections. We will be able to capture images and share them with other technicians for advice.
  • Logistics: It enhances the efficiency of storage processes since one can receive information regarding placement or location of materials, entry and exit of stock, while one’s hands are free

How can we help you?

We at Zerintia Technologies guarantee our commitment in providing a quality service adapted to your company needs. We will study the needs of your business and provide you with the Wearable Technology that best adapts to it. Wearable Technology will allow you to perform the same tasks but in an easier and more convenient way, decreasing process times, while at the same time providing your company with a substantial increase in profitability.

What benefits will we provide?

    According to a study by the consulting company Gartner, profits obtained this way could be up to a billion dollars in the next three to five years. These are some things that can be achieved:

      • 20-30% improvement in company efficiency
      • 30-40% optimizing of business processes
      • 15-20% Reduction in costs, due to:
      • 20-30% Operating improvement
      • 20-30% Increase in employee productivity


      • Easily integrated into business software tools. CRM, ERP, Human Resources, etc.
      • Adjusts to the current business models and processes. Analysis of the most suitable devices
      • Improves performance of response times.
      • Intelligent code optimizes the performance of Wearable devices
      • Robust, Secure and Scalable